Cadno 2000 Roll Profile Software Package
Cadno 2000 Roll Profile
  Key Benefits  
  • Database of roll profiles provides complete history
  • Sophisticated charting options
  • User definable targets and tolerances
  • Detailed inspection of roll profiles
  • Export to Word, Excel


System Requirements
  PC Hardware
  IBM compatible PC Pentium II Processor or better; 256 MB RAM or better; 1 x CD Rom Drive; windows compatible printer
  Operating System
  Windows 98/NT4/2000/XP



Cadno 2000


Roll Profiling Software for the Cadno Roll Inspection System


Cadno 2000 is a Microsoft Windows based software package for Production, Technical and R&D users of the MSW Cadno Roll Inspection System.

Cadno 2000 enhances any Rollshop by providing sophisticated Quality Assurance and Roll Profile Analysis capabilities, assisting you to meet the ever increasing quality demands of the market.

The package has been developed over many years in co-operation with our customers at Corus, Alcan UK, TKS, Sollac and Siemens and is undergoing continual improvement as we strive to incorporate and refine the best working practices in the rolling industries.


Key Features


The Cadno 2000 software has evolved into a highly developed suite of functions offering the following key benefits:


Sophisticated charting of profile data


At the core of the package is an advanced set of graphing facilities:

  • Roll profile data may be displayed as a scatter graph with ideal cambers, tolerance bands and graph limits pre-set as required. A smoothed version of the data may also be superimposed over the raw roll profile data.

  • Roll profile data from multiple traces may be charted on a single graph enabling the display, for example, of roll wear patterns.

  • Data from both top and bottom rolls of a roll pair may be charted to display the ‘roll gap’.

  • The effects of the decay of thermal camber may be illustrated by displaying multiple profile traces in 3D with user definable angles of rotation and colour banding.

  • Data from multiple traces may be averaged for highly accurate charts - used for quality audits


User definable tolerances and targets



Cadno 2000 allows profile tolerances and performance targets to be defined by roll shop management ensuring the quality you require:

  • Sets of target cambers and tolerance limits may be pre-defined by management.

  • Similarly, in the case of Continuously Variable Camber(CVC) non-symmetrical rolls - the ideal curve may be entered as a polynomial expression or as a set of data point constants




Detailed inspection of roll profiles

The following features assist detailed inspection of profile data:

  • The effect of any taper present may be artificially removed to facilitate visual assessment of the symmetry of the camber.

  • The background graticule may be tailored to assist in the location of features on the roll surface.

  • Easily ‘Drill Down’ from charts to roll profile data - e.g. the X and Y co-ordinates of any point on the roll profile and its deviation from the ideal curve can be displayed simply by clicking the mouse on a chart data point.

  • The roll profile data underlying the Chart and its deviation from any target camber may also be viewed in a familiar spreadsheet format highlighting deviations from target camber and tolerance limits.

  • Zoom (magnify) any area of the chart for closer inspection.

  • An Auto-scaling option may be used for ‘best fit’ of roll profile data, allowing the profile data to be viewed at maximum resolution.

Complete Roll Profile Histories

  • Cadno 2000 incorporates and automatically manages a roll record database where the measured profiles of a particular roll are stored in reverse chronological order. Any stored profile can be retrieved within a few seconds.

  • The format of the Profile Database can be specified by customers before purchase - we will configure the database to your specification

Easy data export to other packages

  • Copy chart data and graphics to the Windows Clipboard for pasting into other applications e.g. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel. A great aid for preparing management reports.

  • Save charts in Windows Bitmap (.BMP) or Windows Metafile (.WMF) format for import to other packages.

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