Key Features:  
  • Reduced weight
  • Improved production techniques has reduced costs
  • Simpler initial setup
  • Improved slider mechanism reduces judder
  • No painting of parts required.

New Range of Electronic Callipers Launched


1st Feburary, 2005


The range of manual and electronic roll profile callipers, manufactured by Metrology Systems Wales, have been successfully used throughout the Steel, Aluminium and Paper Industries for well over fifteen years. Over this period, the company has obtained extensive experience and customer feedback on the callipers. In the light of experience and comment, MSW has undertaken a major redesign of its profile gauges.

While still retaining a similar outward appearance to the existing gauges, the new range has been significantly reduced in weight through a combination of the use of modern materials and Computer Controlled Machining processes. This combination provides the following benefits :-

1). The use of ‘high strength' Aluminium (AC8 grade) has approximately reduced the overall weight by 50%. An operator can hence carry the new units without any fatigue over a shift period.

2). The new units are manufactured from accurately machined parts, which in the event of damage to a unit, may be rapidly replaced on-site. This approach has led to cost savings which MSW can now pass onto its customers as a reduction in the cost of a complete unit and as, a low cost parts replacement service.

3). The scales which indicate roll diameter are applied to both sides of the scale arms making the initial set up of a unit simpler. The scales are no longer etched into the scale arm surface and hence subject to wear but are made from durable Polycarbon material. The scales are glued into recesses in the arms and are easily replaceable in the event of damage.

4). The slider mechanism has been improved through the use of Nylon Gib Strips in place of the original steel strips; this permits a smoother operation of a slider on its arm and eliminates the ‘juddering effect' noticeable when the steel strips exhibited wear. Should the strips wear, they may be alternated to increase their life by 100% and should the need arise, they may be readily replaced.

5). The use of accurately machined components has eliminated the need to paint any parts. The material surfaces will oxidise with time but will not exhibit the unsightly paint chip marks evident on older units that have been in service for some time.

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New Range of Cadno Electronic Callipers
Cadno Electonic Calliper
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