Cadno Electronic Roll Measurement System
Cadno calliper
  New Cadno launched
100 - 450mm diam range



Roll Shop Management System (RMS)

Rollshop Management System Software
RMS Software

A modern, scaleable, user-friendly and highly configurable software package. The RMS manages all the key functions of the rollshop: roll grinding; roll assembly; inventory management; chocks/bearings maintenance.




  Cadno Electronic Roll Inspection System  

The Cadno Roll Inspection System is based on the well established scanning micrometer roll calliper - transformed by innovative electronics and software. The rugged, self-contained instrument - which has a proven track record - is easy to use having been designed for continuous use in the harsh conditions of the rollshop.




  Manual Roll Calliper Gauges  

These roll calliper gauges are based on the "trotter" design of gauges familiar to the paper, aluminium and steel industries throughout the world. They offer quick, accurate and operator-insensitive means of roll measurement.

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MSW Manual Roll Calliper
Manual calliper
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