Key Benefits  
  • Accurate roll performance data - optimise spending on rolls
  • Reduce roll stock usage - via optimal re-mating and damage analysis of rolls
  • Reduce chock and bearing maintenance costs by scheduling maintenance on usage rather than time
  • Detailed reporting of roll shop operations for managers and financial staff
  • Reduced Mill down-time - via better performing rolls and preventative maintenance of components

Rollshop Management System Overview


Comprehensive Management of Rollshop Operations


The MSW Rollshop Management System (RMS) is an industry-leading application designed to manage Rollshop Operations. Rolls, Chocks, Bearings and other rollshop components can be managed throughout their life-cycle from purchase to scrap. Grinding, assembly, mill-trip and maintenance data can all be recorded to provide comprehensive histories. Management reporting enables easy monitoring of rollshop performance and costs.


Technical Architecture


Data Retrieval: Rollshop Explorer


The MSW Rollshop Management System (RMS) employs a Client-Server architecture designed for efficient and reliable operation over plant networks. More..


The unique Rollshop Explorer Module allows rollshop data to be retrieved using a very familiar Windows Explorer like user interface. Operators can drill-down to retrieve detailed historical data for rolls, chocks and bearings etc. More..


Roll Grinding


Reports Explorer


The Roll Grinding Module enables the capture of key data such as roll diameter, crown, ground and worn roll profiles, and surface roughness via a friendly 'Grinding Wizard' user interface. Other measurements such as roll hardness, eccentricity and ovality may also be captured. More..


The Reporting Module provides over 150 pre-defined reports. Key reports include Roll Performance, Roll Fleet Value, Grinding History etc. Reports can be exported in Excel and PDF format for easy distribution. More..


Roll Assembly


Reports Generator


The Roll Building Module enables recording of both backup and work roll assemblies built up for the Mill. All component details are recorded and validated including, chock identities, brush rigs, sledges etc. More..


The Report Generator Module allows managers and system administrators to quickly define new reports or to modify existing reports and make them immediately available to all RMS users. More..


Operations Management


System Setup and Administration


The Operations Manager Module allows managers to track the operational status of the rollshop. For example, rolls currently ground, built, available or in-mill. Shift reporting features are also provided making it easy to assess current rollshop activities. More..


The System Administration Module allows the RMS to be configured to the particular needs of an individual rollshop. For example, managers can set targets for maintenance and performance. The module also provides tools that assist the initial data population of the RMS. More..


Inventory Management


Mill Data: Interfacing to Mill Control Computers


The Inventory Management Module allows the easy tracking of roll, chock, and bearing fleets. Items can be added to inventory, removed from service, returned to service, scheduled for maintenance and scrapped via an easy user interface. Current stock levels and values can be easily obtained. More..


The MSW RMS includes interfaces which may be used by Mill Control Computers (MCC) to send and retrieve mill trip data (tonnage/meterage rolled, mill setup diameters etc). These built-in interfaces are sufficient to meet the needs of many modern MCC, for example, SCADA based systems. Custom interfaces can also be provided. More..


Chocks / Bearings Maintenance


CNC Data: Interfacing to CNC Grinding Machines


The Chock/Bearings Maintenance Module allows Chocks and Bearings to be scheduled for maintenance against usage (tonnage, meterage, mill hrs) rather than on calendar time. Detailed dimensional measurements and condition reports can be recorded. More..


Development of custom interfaces to rollshop equipment, for example, CNC grinding machines can be provided. More..





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