RMS Setup Module
Key Features:
  • Over 200 screens to administer all aspects of the RMS
  • Quickly and easily populate the system with initial data via the 'batch' entry screen
  • Comprehensive configuration options allow the system to be adapted to specific rollshop needs
  • Flexibility to reflect changes of policy and practice

MSW RMS: Setup and Administration


Easy set-up of rollshop data and configuration of system options


The MSW RMS Rollshop Setup and Administration Module provides facilities for initially populating the RMS with rollshop data and also for configuring the system to meet the needs of an individual rollshop.

The Setup and Administration Module provides over 200 screens to cater for setup and administration of all aspects of the RMS:

  • Mills and Stands;
  • Rolls;
  • Chocks/Bearings;
  • Mill Ancillaries (e.g. coupling boxes, sledges, brush rigs);
  • Machines and Instruments;
  • Standards;
  • Personnel;
  • Suppliers.

Easy population of the RMS with initial data to facilitate rapid commissioning is an important feature of the module. 'Batch entry' screens for rolls, chocks and bearings make the entry of fleet data very easy. For example, when entering the roll fleet a 'ditto' function can quickly copy the previous roll record. This can reduce data entry for a new roll record to simply copying the previous record and updating the roll identity, the diameter and perhaps the supplier. Thus, a typical roll fleet of 400-600 rolls can be entered into the system in approximately two days.

The RMS is a highly configurable system. The Setup and Administration module enables configuration of a wide-ranging set of system options. System Administrators can, for example, configure which roll types and chock types are legal entries for a particular mill/stand.

Changes of rollshop practice or policy can easily be reflected in the RMS. For example, changes in target roll camber, or maximum and minimum diameter ranges for stands can be recorded in the appropriate administration screens. Similarly, new roll types (e.g. High Speed Steel) and new roll suppliers can be added to the system in a matter of minutes.


Administration Centre Screen
RMS Setup:
Setup and Administration Centre
Batch Entry of Roll Fleet Screen
RMS Setup:
Batch Entry of Initial Roll Fleet
Editing Stand Properties Screen

RMS Setup:
Configuring Mill/Stand Properties

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