Chocks Maintenance
Key Features:
  • Schedule component maintenance on basis of usage rather than time
  • Detailed recording of condition and dimensional checks
  • Intuitive screens based on chock and bearing engineering diagrams
  • Recording of chock and bearing damage histories
  • Bearing performance analysis by type and supplier

MSW RMS: Chocks / Bearings Maintenance


Comprehensive maintenance scheduling and job recording for Roll Chocks and Bearings


The Chocks / Bearings Maintenance Module is a comprehensive sub-system of the RMS providing maintenance scheduling and recording for: roll chocks, plain bearings (bushes and sleeves), roller bearings, and thrust bearings.

As the RMS is an integrated system which tracks the entire roll assembly through the mill, accumulated tonnage and meterage rolled and time spent in the mill is thus recorded against chocks and bearings. This allows their maintenance to be scheduled on the basis of usage rather than on the crude basis of elapsed time. This can significantly reduce costs since only those chocks and bearings which have undergone sufficient mill-trips need to be serviced.

Maintenance jobs are recorded via highly intuitive data entry screens such as the Roll Chock Maintenance Wizard. These screens are based on familiar engineering drawings of chocks and bearings. Thus, both conditional and dimensional check data can be easily and quickly recorded.

In common with the other RMS modules, the chock maintenance module is highly configurable to the specific needs of the individual rollshop. Managers can set configuration options for each type of chock and bearing used by the rollshop. For example, hydraulic bore checks can be enabled or disabled between different chock types. Similarly, different bearing fitment regimes can be configured for each chock type.

Failed chocks and bearings may be removed from service and their subsequent repair, refurbishment or scrap recorded. Analysis of historical failure data enables maintenance targets to be re-scheduled to encourage a preventative maintenance regime.

Reporting of chock and bearing maintenance data is provided through the RMS Reporting Module. Key reports include: roller bearing performance by type and supplier; chock performance (tonnage/meterage incurred between refurbishment); dimensional/conditional check history for chocks/bearings; damage history for chocks/bearings etc.

Recording Chock Condition Checks
Chocks Maintenance Wizard:
Recording Chock Condition Checks
Chock Dimensional Checks Screen
Chocks Maintenance Wizard:
Recording Chock Dimensional Checks
Chock and Bearing Fitment Regime Screen
RMS Chock Maintenance:
Configuring Bearing Fitment Regime
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