MSW RMS: Interfacing with CNC Grinders


Commissioning Custom Interfaces to Rollshop Equipment


MSW can provide custom communication interfaces to rollshop equipment upon request.

In the modern rollshop environment data may be produced by a variety of equipment. For example, a common scenario is that the rollshop has a mix of CNC-based and manual roll grinding machines.

Some of these machines may be fitted with on-board measuring systems for measurements such as roll profile, diameter, crack/bruise detection, surface roughness, hardness, and roundness.

Other machines may depend on off-board measurement systems such as the Cadno Electronic Roll Inspection System. Gathering and collating all the data from these disparate systems is a major problem for most rollshops

The MSW RMS is a highly integrated system providing facilities for capturing data from automatic sources or via manual entry. If your rollshop equipment is capable of 'talking' then MSW can be commissioned to build custom interfaces that capture the data into the RMS.



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