Rollshop Explorer
Key Features:
  • Retrieve full data histories for roll assembly components
  • Familiar Windows Explorer style interface
  • Drill-down capabilities for easy access to data
  • Detailed data enables auditing of rollshop processes

MSW RMS: Rollshop Explorer


Explore historical data for all rollshop components


The MSW RMS Rollshop Explorer Module enables easy retrieval of all data captured from the preparation of rolls, chocks and bearings for the mill and also from their usage in the mill.

The Rollshop Explorer is based on the familiar Windows Explorer style interface and therefore requires minimal training. Operators can easily and quickly 'drill-down' into detailed historical data.

Available roll data histories, for example, include:

  • Grinding History;
  • Mill Trip History
  • Damage History;
  • Profile Measurement History;
  • Hardness Measurement History;
  • Roundness Measurement History.

These histories are very useful for comparison and for analysis of trends. If a roll has greater than average stock loss, for example, then examining the grinding and damage event history can provide a full explanation.

Drilling-down to the level of a specific roll grind provides details on all the processes undertaken during the preparation of the roll for the mill and its usage in the mill:

  • Grinding Job Report
  • Diameter
  • Surface Roughness
  • Ground Profile
  • Hardness Measurement
  • Roundness Measurements
  • Roll Building Job Report
  • Mill Trip Report (tonnage, meterage rolled etc.)
  • Worn (ex-mill) profile

The availability of such detailed data enables full auditing of rollshop processes and can therefore assist management with the development of improvements to those processes.


Exploring a Roll Grind
Rollshop Explorer:
Exploring a Grind
Exploring a Mill-Trip
Rollshop Explorer:
Exploring a Mill-Trip
A Roll Gap Chart
Rollshop Explorer:
Roll Gap Chart
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