Inventory Manager
Key Features:
  • Manage all Roll Assembly components
  • Manage components through full lifecycle from purchase to scrap
  • Recording of component damage and reclamation
  • Optimal roll re-mating reduces costs
  • Track component maintenance schedules via definable red and amber alarms conditions

MSW RMS: Inventory Manager


Manage all Roll Assembly components through their entire lifecycle from purchase to scrap


The MSW RMS Inventory Management Module enables the tracking of all roll assembly components:

  • Rolls;
  • Roll Chocks;
  • Roller Bearings;
  • Bushes and Sleeves;
  • Thrust Bearings;
  • Sledges;
  • Coupling Boxes;
  • Brush Rigs.

All components can be tracked and managed through their full life-cycle:

  • Purchased and added to stock;
  • Issued from stock into service;
  • Tracked through their usage cycle between rollshop and mill;
  • Removed from service owing to damage/wear;
  • Removed from service for scheduled maintenance
  • Returned to service after maintenance, repair or refurbishment;
  • Scrapped.
Inventory Manager Screenshot
Inventory Management :
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