Mill Computer Interface
Key Features:
  • Built-in interfaces to mill control computers
  • Custom mill computer interfaces available
  • Send critical set-up data to the mill control computer
  • Get mill-trip data from mill control computer
  • Roll Change Screen Template available for implementors

MSW RMS: Interfacing with the Rolling Mill


Setting up the Mill and Capturing Mill-Trip Data


The MSW RMS can be interfaced to Rolling Mill Control Computers (MCC) to assist with mill set-up and to capture mill-trip data for roll assembly components.

The RMS has two built-in interfaces which may be used for communication with Mill Control Computers:

  • Stored Procedures for database-to-database communication using e.g. ADO or ODBC;
  • TCP Sockets based messaging system.

While these interfaces allow the majority of mill control computers to communicate with the RMS, MSW can also be commissioned to provide custom interfaces where these are required.

The RMS can provide critical set-up information to the Mill Control Computer. For example, roll diameters, roll cambers (crown), surface finish (Ra), and calculated liner size are all available for the in-going roll assembly. Since these data items have been strongly validated at the roll grinding and roll building phases their accuracy helps to achieve optimal mill set-up.

The RMS can gather data relating to the mill-trip from the Mill Control Computer:

  • Tonnage rolled;
  • Meterage rolled;
  • Date/Time into Mill;
  • Date/Time out of Mill;
  • Reason for Roll Change.

Mill-trip data is allocated to all the components comprising the roll assembly. This enables the RMS to provide roll performance reporting (tonnage per mm of stock removal, meterage per mm of stock removal) and to schedule the maintenance of components (e.g. chocks, bearings) on the basis of usage in the mill.

The RMS also provides a sample Roll Change Screen. This screen serves as a template for IT professionals tasked with implementing a roll change system within the mill control room.


Sample Roll Change Screen
RMS Rolling Mill Interface:
Roll Change Screen Template
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