Operations Manager
Key Features:
  • Monitoring of day-to-day operations
  • Monitor current state of roll fleet - ground, built, in -mill, available
  • Remove rolls from ground or built lists
  • Monitor Shift and Rota output

MSW RMS: Operations Manager


Monitoring of Day-to-Day Rollshop Operations


The MSW RMS Operations Manager Module is an essential management tool which facilitates the day-to-day monitoring of rollshop operations.

Easy monitoring of the current state of the roll fleet - ground rolls, built rolls, rolls in-mill, available rolls - allows rollshop managers and supervisors to assess operational progress.

The Operations Manager provides tools to edit details of built roll assemblies, helping to ensure that correct data goes forward to the mill at roll change. Similarly, rolls can be removed from the ground or built list if necessary so that the system always reflects the true state of operations.

The 'Shift View' feature enables monitoring of work completed during the current shift or during the previous shift. Details include: number of rolls ground, number of rolls built, damaged rolls processed, wheels changes etc.






RMS Operations Manager:
Monitoring Roll Fleet For Ground Rolls
RMS Operations Manager:
Monitoring Roll Fleet For Built Rolls
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