Reports Generator
Key Features:
  • Modify built-in reports or create new reports
  • Query Wizard to easily filter RMS data with no knowledge of SQL required
  • Report Wizard quickly creates a report layout in 4 easy steps
  • Report Designer allows reports to be laid out precisely as users require
  • User generated reports automatically become available to all RMS users

MSW RMS: Reports Generator


Powerful query and report generation tools for Rollshop Managers and System Administrators


The MSW RMS Reports Generator Module provides powerful querying and reporting tools to enable rollshop management and systems administrators to generate user-defined reports.

While the MSW RMS contains over 150 built-in reports to provide comprehensive rollshop reporting, the Report Generator allows any of these reports to be easily modified or for completely new reports to be generated.

The Query Wizard tool allows RMS data to be filtered and sorted into 'dataviews' which feed data into reports. The Wizard automatically generates SQL (the standard query language used by database systems) so that the user requires no expert knowledge of SQL or databases to begin generating reports.

The Report Wizard tool enables users to quickly create reports in four easy steps. Users can select an appropriate dataview (either from built-in dataviews or new dataviews defined by the query wizard) to feed the report with data, then select grouping and layout options, and finally an overall style from several built-in templates.

The Report Designer provides tools for adjusting the visual layout of reports and adding groupings, calculations and totals. Users can easily customise the layout of any report to their individual needs and preferences.

Reports created with the Reports Generator are automatically saved to the RMS database and become immediately available to all RMS users within the Reports Explorer. Thus a new report can be defined by a manager or system administrator and quickly distributed to all users of the system.




Reports Query Wizard Screen
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Report Designer
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