Reports Explorer
Key Features:
  • Intuitive Windows Explorer style user interface
  • Provides Management, Financial and Operational reports
  • 150+ reports provide comprehensive rollshop reporting
  • Easy export to Excel, PDF format

MSW RMS: Reports Explorer


Strategic and operational reporting for all rollshop activities


The MSW RMS Reports Explorer Module provides comprehensive reporting facilities for RMS users.

The Reports Explorer is based on the familiar and intuitive Windows Explorer interface and makes running rollshop reports very easy. Thus, new or occasional users of the RMS can access rollshop data with minimal training.

The Reports Explorer provides Management, Financial and Operational rollshop reports, catering for all levels of user from shop floor personnel monitoring day-to-day operations to senior management planning the purchase of rolls and analysing rollshop costs.

Over 150 reports are available, including:

  • Roll Performance Report Grouped By Roll Type and Supplier
  • Roll Fleet Current Value Report
  • Roll Fleet Historical Value Report
  • Current Roll Fleet Reports
  • Scrapped Roll Reports
  • Roll Grinding Report Between Dates
  • Damaged Rolls Report
  • Chocks Maintenance Schedule Report
  • Bearing Performance Report

Such comprehensive reporting facilities empower management to make better informed decisions.

The Reports Explorer allows reports to be previewed in the preview window before printing. Report can also be easily exported to file in popular formats such Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Louts 1-2-3, and ASCII. Thus, for example, a report on roll performance can be saved to .PDF format and e-mailed to roll suppliers. Similarly, a fleet valuation report could be saved to Excel format and e-mailed to financial management.





Reports Explorer Screen
Reports Explorer:
Exploring Rollshop Reports
Report Preview Screen
Reports Explorer:
Report Preview Window
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Reports Explorer:
Export to File
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