Inventory Manager: Roll Fleet Management




The Inventory Manager module includes many functions for managing the fleet of rolls.

The Roll Fleet Management Screen enables the entire roll fleet to be managed:

  • Rolls in stock (not issued);
  • Rolls currently in service;
  • Rolls out of service (damaged);
  • Scrapped rolls (full history).

Rolls can be managed through their full life-cycle from purchase to scrap:

  • Added to stock;
  • Issued into service;
  • De-mated from partner
  • Re-mated to new partner
  • Removed from service because of damage
  • Returned to service after reclamation
  • Scrapped.

Flexible filtering capabilities allow the roll fleet to be viewed by:

  • Mating status (mated roll pairs, spare single rolls);
  • Roll Type;
  • Roll Supplier;
  • Stand (rolls within diameter range for stand);
  • Tracking Status (e.g. ground, built, in mill, out of mill);
  • Diameter Distribution (assists purchasing and cascading decisions).

Roll damage events can be fully recorded using the Add Roll to Damaged List screen. Salvage diameters can be easily adjusted when the results of non-destructive testing or plunge grinding become available. Subsequent reclamation of rolls can be recorded ensuring that all stock loss against the roll is accounted for. A full history of damage events is maintained enabling analysis by mill/stand, roll type and roll supplier.

Roll mating facilities are provided by the Re-mate Rolls Screen. This allows roll pairs to be split (de-mated) or formed (re-mated). Roll mating is optimised since it is based on the closest diameter matches between available rolls. This results in reduced stock loss to match a pair of rolls and potentially significant cost savings.

Reporting of roll fleet data is provided by the MSW RMS Reporting Module. Reports include: roll fleet by type; roll fleet by supplier; current damaged rolls; roll performance by type and supplier etc.

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