Technical Architecture Key Features:  
  • High Performance client-server architecture
  • Robust database ensures data integrity
  • Scaleable to meet the data requirements of even the largest rollshops
  • Using Industry standard tools to protect your long-term investment
  • Easy integration with other systems

MSW RMS: Technical Architecture


Industrial-strength Client Server Architecture


The MSW RMS is based upon a client-server architecture ensuring that it can scale to meet the data requirements of even the largest rollshops and rolling mills.

The RMS is optimised for good performance across plant networks. Data is stored centrally in a MS SQLSERVER 2000 database ensuring data integrity, easy backup and recovery and efficient performance. Using an industry standard database also means that integration with other plant systems e.g. mill control computer, can often be achieved at a simple database to database level. Similarly, data from the RMS database can easily be made available over a plant Intranet.

The RMS client screens are produced with Borland's Delphi development environment. As such, the application has a very modern and intuitive user interface. The choice of a standard development tool, and the option to purchase the source code, means that customers can protect their investment in the system

RMS: Technical Architecture
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